The Precision Long Range Division at Blue Water is a long range and precision rifle based shooting sport
derived from practical shooting. The division seeks to find a balance between speed and precision, and
targets can both have known (KD) and unknown distances (UKD). Shooting distances can vary from
between 10 and 615 yards, and thus the shooter needs to have good knowledge of their firearms
ballistics. The primary focus is on long range shooting, and a competition usually consists of several
courses of fire. Each course usually has a set maximum time (par time), and the shooter is awarded
points according to how many targets they manage to hit during that time. Both cardboard and steel
targets are used, and the targets presented are usually relatively small. Maximum caliber of .30 or a
velocity of 3200 fps.
Precision Long Range Division will also include .22LR Precision events. Shooting distances between 10
and 200 yds. With the smallest target being ¼” at 50yds.
Both Precision Long Range and .22LR Precision require the shooter to shoot from different positions and
off of multiple obstacles and barricades.
Who can benefit from this division? Long Range hunters, Long Range competitive shooters, and those
who want to get into long range shooting in a comfortable safe environment.


Precision Rifle Contact:
Rod Damm