Hunters Education Safety program is second to none in the state of Michigan.

With study materials handed out ahead of the class date, this gives BWSA instructor the opportunity to teach many all-inclusive activities, such as:

  • Blood trailing
  • Knife / axe sharping and the care of both
  • Tree stand safety and the very useful Prusik knot
  • Compass orienteering
  • Firearms handling
  • Fence crossing

Students of all ages will also have the opportunity to live fire

  • .22 rifle
  • Crossbow
  • Shotgun

On Sunday morning you will be able meet and discuss Michigan Hunters laws with an DNR officer.

We have a great group of all volunteer instructors and BWSA graciously donates the use of their club house and grounds. Please refer to the DNR website and the BWSA
Calendar for the latest scheduled classes normally held in May and September. Meet the staff and join us at the next Hunters Education and Safety class.

For Upcoming Classes: