Sharpen your concentration and tune up your trigger control! Join B.W.S.A for Bullseye Pistol Shooting!

Blue Water Sportsman’s Association welcomes you to Bullseye, or “Conventional Pistol” shooting, one of the most popular shooting sports. Our matches are held both at our indoor range and our well equipped outdoor pistol ranges.

All you need is a rimfire or centerfire pistol and a steady hand.  Bullseye is shot with one hand in a standing position, and pistols are usually equipped with either open sights or “red dot” sights.

B.W.S.A. holds weekly Bullseye matches as well as a variety of tournaments both indoors and outdoors throughout the year. Leagues are usually held twice a year, lasting several weeks.

Whether you have a competitive drive, or just enjoy shooting for fun, you will find Bullseye shooting to be both entertaining and skill developing.

Contact for Bullseye/Precision Pistol:
Don Morgan

(810) 841-4970