We start the year with a WINTER LEAGUE which shoots every other Sunday, from January through April.  In the winter we shoot on Homer’s Range on Sundays from about 10:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.  We have a wood burning stove heating up our building, so it is quite nice and comfortable.

Starting in May, we begin a SUMMER LEAGUE that shoots through August.  On this league, we shoot every Tuesday from about 3:00p.m. – Dark.  On both leagues, we shoot about 12 shots and a week missed can be made up later.

Our leagues, which are pistol and rifle, are designed to be fun and challenging both to a beginner or an experienced muzzleloader shooter.  Most shooters shoot traditional cap lock or flintlock rifles, but modern in-line guns are also welcome.

Also, we are involved in a TRADE GUN ROUND ROBIN.  In this event we shoot a smooth bore flintlock gun with no back sight.  We have 12 shots with patch and ball, 4 shots with bird shot at clay birds, throw knife and hawk and start a fire with flint and steel.  All participants wear period clothing. This, also, is a fun and challenging event.

Last but not least is our “LAST BLAST OF THE YEAR”.  This is a 25 shot WOODS WALK and Hawk and Knife throw which is held on December 31st.  This includes many prizes and a hot lunch.

Muzzleloader Contacts
Ron Provost Phone: (810) 326-0285
Pete Galante Phone: (810) 326-0285

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