Indoor season has been delayed.

Indoor Season Delay. Right now it is on hold until the next Board of Directors meeting. We will be keeping an eye on orders coming out of Lansing to make certain we are compliant with those orders while still having fun at the club. We hope to open our indoor range very soon and still plan on having our winter leagues and weekly shoots. So get out there and practice for bullseye and skeet league. You’ll want to keep your skills up for this year’s competition. Smallbore kids, Monday night, Friday Fun Nite, and Combat we can’t wait for you to return too. We are even considering a Winter Trap league if we can get a couple volunteers to help run it.

June 27th Mid-Range Prone Match Results

On 27 June 2020, we held a mid range prone match.  The format was 3×600, which means each competitor fired 3 strings of 20 record shots from 600 yards.  Conditions were nice, the wind wasn’t too crazy, and some great scores were fired.  For this match, competitors were separated into 2 classes based on their equipment.  The prone sling class means the competitor fired from the prone position with only a sling for support.  F Open Class means the competitor fired using a bipod or rest to hold the rifle.  Both forms are challenging in their own right.
We had a total of 11 competitors in the match.  We look forward to running more mid range prone matches in the future and hope to see more members come out and participate!

Winter Skeet League final scores are in!

The final scores are in and here are this year’s winners.

  • Top Guns: Bob Johnson – John Hyde – Paul Robbins
  • High Gross Team: Jamison, Hyde, Corbat
  • Jr. Hi Gun Div. 1: Ingles, Blashill, Hyde
  • Jr. Hi Gun Div. 2: Danielson, Johnseck, Noetzel
  • 25 Straights: Paul Robbins
  • Red Division: Murray, Allbaugh, Genaw
  • White Division: Farver, Blashill, Blashill
  • Blue Division: Suwinski, Mahaney, Stevens
  • Green Division: Lashbrook, Berro, Johnseck
  • Black Division: Szmagaj, Battaglia, Goschke

Division winners will shoot 1 round on banquet day (with
handicap) between 2:00-5:00 to determine the overall league
champions and prize. See me at the banquet.

Cash prizes will be awarded at the banquet.

Shooting games at 2:00 – Dinner at 5:00 – Prizes at 7:00.

Disposable silverware will be available or bring your own for
a finer dining experience. Bring your own beverages. Adult
beverages after shooting only.

Larry Sokolowski

Winter Skeet League Page

Something new is coming to BWSA. Ladies this one is for you!

Join us at the clubhouse Tuesday, July 21st at 6pm for Ladies at BWSA!

We will meet and mingle, then head out back to the range. We will cover range safety, targets and target placement. Ladies end the night with an optional sign in for trigger time!

  • Handguns are to be unloaded and in a case.
  • Eye and ear protection, close toe shoes
  • Range time is $5 members and $10 nonmembers.

Audree Danielson (810)278-6408

2020 Winter Skeet League Banquet Scheduled for Sunday August 2nd


Sunday August 2nd, 2020
BWSA Clubhouse

Shooting games start at 2:00
Steak dinner: Starting at 5:00
Trophy presentations at 7:00

Division champs can shoot their championship round any time between 2:00 and 6:00.  See me Banquet Day for instructions. The club will be open for regular shooting hours starting at 10:00 so you can come early to shoot a practice round.

Awards will be presented for Overall Team Champions, Divisional Team Champions, Hi Gross Team, Men’s Hi Gun (1st 2nd & 3rd) Junior Hi Gun, Most Improved & Most 25’s.

Disposable silverware and plates will be available or bring your own for a finer dining experience.  Bring your own beverages.  Adult beverages after you’re done shooting only.

Final scores, standings and shoot off rules will be posted at the clubhouse, on the Facebook page and on the BWSA website.

Any questions, call Larry Sokolowski (810)841-7136 or write me at


  • Each division winning team will shoot a registered score on banquet day for the overall league championship on the same field.
  • Any absent shooters score will be their league average for 25 birds minus 2 birds.
  • Each team can pull your own birds, but a club employee or myself will have to keep score.
  • Final team score will be their individual gross scores shot on Banquet day plus their final league handicap for 25 birds rounded to 2 decimal places.
  • Full handicap scores will be used for overall league champion  No maximum handicap.
  • ln case of a tie for 1st place after the shoot off. We’ll go back on the score sheet to Station 8 and the team with the highest total for that station will win the tiebreaker. If the scores are equal on Station 8, we’ll go to Station 7 and so on until one teams score is highest.
  • Tie breakers for Gross Team champion will be “Most team 25’s”, then “Most team 24’s”
  • Tie breakers for Gross lndividual champion will be “Most 25’s”, then Most 24’s”….
  • Tie breakers for Most Straights will be “Most 24’s”, then “Most 23’s”…..
  • lf a team with a ghost shooter wins their division, the ghost shooter score for the shoot off will be the gross average and handicap average for their division.

2020 Winter Skeet League page

Winter Skeet League 5th 100 deadline extended to July 16th


I am going to extend the deadline to shoot your 5th 100 birds to COB Thursday July 16th due to a power outage at the club on July 2nd.  

If you see any discrepancies with your scores on the Big Board, let me know.  The sooner you tell me, the easier it is to correct.

Missed rounds will be scored as your average for a 25 bird round minus 2.

2020 Winter Skeet League page

Thursday Shotgun hours return this week!

Beginning this Thursday, June 25, shotgun will be open again 2-9 pm. We will also have the clubhouse open for your use. There will be posted signs of rules for the clubhouse to maintain social distancing. We will continue to have additional tables and chairs outside for your use.

June 13th Regional Course Match Results

On 13 June 2020, BWSA held an 800 point regional course match.  We had 43 competitors.  Nick Till took the win with a 770-23X.  This match was part of the Civilian Marksmanship Program “Home Range Appreciation Series”, and qualified all competitors for T-shirts and class awards from the CMP.  We were back at it on Sunday, 14 June with a 500 point CMP “Excellence in Competition” leg match.

June 2020 CMP Regional Course Match Results

39 competitors, 9 of whom were already distinguished and 30 still in search of points for their Distinguished Rifleman’s badges.  We had enough non-distinguished competitors to award points to 3.  The top leg went to Andrew Griggs.  He earned 8 points, and these were the final points he needed to earn his badge.  6 point legs went to Tom Collins and Paul Matney, who are both well on their way.  The overall match winner was Hanne Brantner with a 491-11X.

Our next event will be a mid range prone match on 27 June.  The match format will be a 3×600, meaning each competitor will fire 3 strings of 20 record shots from the 600 yard line.  Sling and F-class targets will be available and the event is open to anyone.  This match will be fired on Shotmarker electronic targets.  No pit duty will be required.  Come join us for a relaxed morning of prone shooting!