Bylaws and Policies
Download the bylaws or policies. Links can also be found in the documents section at the bottom of this page.

Guest Policy
You must sign in all guests at East Gate. There is a mailbox with envelopes for each guest to fill out and the member must sign them. Your guest must remain with you on the grounds and leave when you leave. The fee is $20 per guest 18 years old and up. 17 year olds and under are $10 each. Active military home on leave with leave form are free, you still need to sign the envelope. Deposit all envelopes in the blue box by East Gate.

Range Use Requests
Click here for range use request form.

Liability Release Form
Click here for liability release form.

Document Format
Range Use Request Form Range Use Request Form (application/pdf)
Release of Liability Release of Liability (application/pdf)
Policies Policies (application/pdf)
Bylaws Bylaws (application/pdf)