CMP EIC Pistol Match shooters beat the storm.

BWSA held CMP EIC .22 Rimfire Pistol and Service Pistol matches on Sunday, August 18th, 2019. The sun kept the day hot, while afternoon storms threatened to interfere with the last relays. Luckily, the brief storm rolled south and the day’s shooting was a great success. We had folks visit us from hours away to compete and we’re thankful for all the shooters who joined us for a Sunday of fun.

22 Match
Martin Szeliga 276 7X
Brad Wise 268 6X
Jim Suwinski 255 1X
Don Morgan 254 1X
Mike Suwinski 249 1X
James Stewart 243 4X
Jaycee Wise 220 3X
Dan Gilt 234 1X
Joe Mahaney 205 1X
Richard Moakaitis 141 2X
Service Pistol Match
Martin Szeliga 266 5X
Brad Wise 259 2X
Mike Suwinski 246 4X
Dan Gilt 229 3X
James Stewart 227 2X
Jim Suwinski 175
Joe Mahaney 121
Jaycee Wise 61
Richard Moskaitis 31

Congratulations, and thank you to the shooters and volunteers for a successful day.