Brayden Ingles Shoot and Fish Fry on August 16th

1pm – 8pm

$20.00 per person
$5.00 for fish
$5.00 for your 50 bird game
Remainder funds donated to the Ingles family

This will include a 50 bird game, fresh fish, French fries, and the shotgun fields will be open for regular shotgun shooting.

*Note-this is on the usual potluck Thursday, but will not be a regular potluck. All who eat must pay*

From the “Support the Ingles’ Family” gofundme page on June 12, 2018:

“On Saturday (6/9/18) 15 year old Brayden Ingles had a work related injury that required his lower right leg to need to be amputated.  His parents, Jeff and Sarah are staying close to his side at Children’s hospital during this process.  (Many of our hockey family may know the Ingles family through Brayden’s younger brother, Bryce.)  Brayden had the leg amputated on Saturday and today (6/12/18), he had surgery on his left hand to place pins and fix a couple of fractures that he received in the accident.  Brayden has been keeping a positive attitude and his family has been finding their strength through God through this process.  His family could use your support at this time.”