Winter Skeet League deadline extended

I am going to extend the deadline to shoot your 4th 100 birds to COB Sunday June 21st due to a scheduling conflict at the club.  Shotgun will be closed on Sunday June 14th.  The deadline for your 5th 100 will still be Sunday July 12 and the banquet is still scheduled for Saturday August 1st.

If you have any questions, call me at the number below.

Larry Sokolowski


Shotgun Announcement…..drum roll…… 

Shotgun will open in a limited capacity beginning Sunday, May 10.

We will only be opening on Sundays 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

You must have a scheduled time slot. We will not allow walk ins at this time

Skeet will be shot in 1-hour time blocks on an assigned field in up to 3-man teams only. Trap will be shot in 1-hour time blocks on an assigned field in up to 5-man teams. You will only be shooting for your 1-hour block and once your hour is done, you are done shooting. You must maintain the 6’ social distance between you, other shooters, and staff.

For Skeet: each field will have an assigned puller and that puller is the only individual allowed to use the thrower and keep score. The clubhouse will be closed to all shooters.

Once you are done with your 1-hour block, you must leave. There will be no socializing afterwards in the parking lot.

Last line for your 1-hour time slot cannot be loaded any later than 15 minutes before the end of your hour. We will have a window open by the middle back door for you to purchase lines, ammo, and sealed items out of the vending machine. 

To schedule your time slot, please either email at or call Ed or Tamra at 586-764- 7123. If you are unable to shoot your scheduled time slot, please notify us a.s.a.p. so another shooter can take that slot. You may call the club Sunday mornings beginning at 9:15 am and check if there are any last-minute slots open.

We will be continuing the Skeet league to 500 birds. 400th birds must be scored no later than close of business June 14. 500th birds must be scored by close of business July 12. The banquet will be Saturday, August 1 at 3:00 pm. Priority will be given to the league shooters at this time, but everyone is welcome to fill in slots. Of course, this will change as we get directive from Lansing. 

If you have any questions, please contact Larry Sokolowski 810-841-7136 or Ed Allbaugh 586-764-7123. 

The 2020 Winter Skeet League is underway.

The 2020 Winter Skeet League is underway. You can start shooting your first 100 birds on Thursday January 2nd. You can sign up for the league any time up to January 19th as long as you shoot you shoot your 1st 100 birds by the 19th. Any missed rounds during the 1st 100 birds will be scored as the league average minus 2 birds. Cost for the league is $45 plus shooting fees. Juniors under 18 before Jan. 2nd are $20 for league fees. Single shooters are welcome. We’ll hook you up with a team looking to fill up their squad. The league uses a handicap system so don’t worry about your scores. Everyone has a chance to win.

We’ve got some new shooters this year, so if you see some new faces around the club welcome them aboard and give them some pointers on how the league runs and how to stay safe out on the skeet field. Rules are the same as last year. I’d like to keep them as simple as I can. This is a fun league and I want to keep things as fair and easy as possible. Rules and league info are posted around the club and the website. Also, if you “like” the Blue Water Sportsman Assoc. on Facebook you will get the latest club news sent to you automatically.

When things get busy, sign up your squad and put your clipboard in the rack next to the scoreboard. No jumping ahead. 5 to a squad only. 3 to a squad on exceptionally cold days. Have your squad ready to shoot when your clipboard is at the top of the rack. When you’re shooting for score, make sure you mark your score sheet with a red “S” before you shoot. Scores without a red “S” are just practice rounds. Anyone on your squad can score your round but if there’s trappers available let them score for you. It makes things easier for the shooters and it gives them a chance to earn a few bucks from tips for scoring. When you’re done shooting, just put your score sheet on the table next to the rack under the scoreboard. Don’t post your scores. I’ll take care of the scores. If you see any errors in your scores, let me know as soon as possible. It’s easy to correct them. I’ll correct scores for the current 100 birds and the previous 100 only.

So call your friends and tell them it’s not too late to sign up. You can contact me at the numbers listed below. I’m usually at the club on shooting days and I’m happy to answer any of your questions.

Larry Sokolowski

Visit the Winter Skeet League page for more details.

Caesar Guerini Day

Blue Water Sportsman’s Association presents:

Caesar Guerini Day

Sunday, February 23, 2020 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, A Caesar Guerini representative will have for you to try:

  • Multiple 12 Guage Shotguns
  • Multiple Sub-gauge Shotguns
  • Trap Shotguns
  • Sporting Shotguns
  • Field Shotguns

The Representative Will Also Be Offering Stock Fitting and Sight Alignment for Any Brand of Shotgun

Ammo Will Be Available for Purchase

You Must Purchase Your Lines to Shoot from BWSA

**This Day Only for Up to 4 Lines-Guests Will Pay Member Prices of $5.00 per Line**

Clubhouse and Shotgun Fields Located at:
4866 Ravenswood Road Kimball Twp, MI 48074

Date: Sunday, February 23, 2020
Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Start getting your teams together for the 2020 Winter Skeet League!

You can start signing up for the 2020 Winter Skeet League. The front desk has a signup sheet. Details on the league will be posted around the clubhouse, on the website and on the Facebook page. If you have any questions, I’m usually at the club on shooting days.

This year the league fee will be $45 and $20 for junior shooters under 18, same as last year. Rounds will cost $5 for members and $7 for non-members when you add rounds to your card. Shooting days this year will be Thursdays and Sundays.

Single shooters are welcome. We’ll find a team for you to join. If your team is short a shooter, don’t worry, we can fill you in with someone looking for a team. And we’re always looking female shooters. So, if you have a wife, girlfriend daughter or granddaughter, bring them out.

Larry Sokolowski

2020 Winter Skeet League Page