WHAT IS BULLSEYE?   Bullseye is an NRA sanctioned handgun event designed to test the accuracy of a shooter.  The event is either a 900, 1800 or 2700 match, which is the maximum possible points, shot at a distance of 50 feet or 25 yards (indoor) using one hand.  A 900 match consists of 3 national match courses using a .22 rimfire. Each course consists of (1) Slow fire, 10 shots in 10 minutes, (2) Timed fire, 2-5 shot rounds in 20 seconds, and (3) Rapid fire, which is 2-5 shot rounds in 10 seconds. A 1800 match shoots 6 national matches using a .22 and .45 center fire pistol (3/3), where as a 2700 shoots 9 national matches using a .22, any center fire pistol or revolver and a .45 pistol.    On Wednesday nights, we shoot 900 matches year round using .22’s, but any center fire pistol or revolvers are welcome.  The .22’s we use are target models usually with a 5 1/2” barrel topped with a red dot scope, the guns most popular are Rugers and Browning Buckmarks, with a spattering of Smith & Wessons thrown in. We shoot the matches off the divided benches downstairs, using spotting scopes to see our hits between shots. We start promptly at 7pm and use the first-come-first-shoot basis.  If more than 15 shooters show up, we will have a second 900 match. The only exception is when we are shooting our SEMPA league, league shooters will shoot the first 900. Check the club calendar for league dates, hope to see you there.  If you have any further questions, feel free to call me at (810) 531-9900 or email me at dalede416@frontier.com  Dale DeFabio, Board Member/Division Manager.
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