Well spring is almost here or at least that is what the calendar says. We are looking forward to our first Cowboy Action Shooting match of the season. Sign up starts at 8:30am on bay 7 at the Jail with a safety meeting at 9:30am followed by GUNS A BLAZING. Lunch is served after the match at the Jail. We normally shoot 5 stages each consisting of 10 revolver rounds, 10 rifle rounds and 4 to 6 shotgun rounds. Entry fees are $23.00 non-members  $18.00 for BWSA or Wolverine Ranger members and $5.00 for juniors. 

Everyone is welcome to come out and join in the fun.  As far as guns go we use two single action revolvers a pistol caliber rifle and a shotgun. Our guns are all pre 1900 or clones thereof.  If you don’t have the guns bring what you have and we will work with you. We do shoot all steel targets and this requires all lead bullets.

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