2019 Winter Skeet League Banquet on May 5th

Sunday May 5, 2019

Blue Water Sportsman Association Clubhouse

  • Banquet shooting games start at 3:00.
  • Dinner between 5:00 and 6:00.
  • Trophy presentation at 7:00. 

The division champs for the 2019 Winter Skeet League have been decided.  Each team will shoot 1 round per shooter with full handicap to determine which team is overall champion on Banquet Day.  Shoot off rules are posted in the clubhouse, on the website and on the Facebook page.  You can shoot anytime between 3:00 and 6:00. 

The club will be open for normal business between 10:00 & 2:00 so you can come early and shoot if you want.  Banquet shooting games start at 3:00.  Dinner between 5:00 and 6:00.  Trophy presentation at 7:00.  Disposable silverware and plates will be available or bring your own for a finer dining experience.  Bring your own beverages.  Adult beverages after you’re done shooting only.

Here are the division winners:

Corbat – Jamison – S. Hyde

J. Hyde – Stone – Kennedy

Sokolowksi – Shinske – Danielson

Fleming – R. Laenen – A. Laenen

Petit – Cilluffo – Lamb

For all 2019 Winter Skeet League scores, visit the 2019 Winter Skeet League page


  • Each division winning team will shoot a registered score for the overall league championship on the same field.
  • Any absent shooters score will be their league average for 25 birds minus 2 birds.
  • Each team can pull your own birds, but a club employee or myself will have to keep score.
  • Final team score will be their individual gross scores shot on Sun. plus their final league handicap for 25 birds rounded to 2 decimal places.
  • Full handicap scores will be used for overall league champion . No maximum handicap.
  • In case of a tie for 1st place after the shoot off. We’ll go back on the score sheet to Station 8 and the team with the highest total for that station will win the tiebreaker. If the scores are equal on Station 8, we’ll go to Station 7 and so on until one teams score is highest.
  • Tie breakers for Gross Team champion will be “Most team 25’s”, then “Most team 24’s”
  • Tie breakers for Gross Individual champion will be “Most 25’s”, then Most 24’s”….
  • Tie breakers for Most Straights will be “Most 24’s”, then “Most 23’s”…..
  • If a team with a ghost shooter wins their division, the ghost shooter score for the shoot off will be the gross average and handicap average for their division.

2019 Winter Skeet League is shaping up to be a big success

The number of teams keeps climbing and with a little luck, we may surpass last year. If you haven’t signed up yet, you still have until January 20th to sign up and get your 1st 100 birds in. If you sign up and miss a round in the 1st 100, your missed scores will be the league average minus 2 birds.

It looks like we’ll have 4 divisions again this year. There’s been an increase in new names and faces so if you’re a new shooter, look me up at the club. I’d like to meet and talk to every shooter. It looks like the Women’s Division and Junior Division has some new shooters also. So don’t put off signing up for the league, even if you’re a single shooter we can get you onto a team. And don’t worry about your scores. All shooters get a handicap and the divisions.


Start getting your teams together for the 2019 Winter Skeet League!

The time is here to start getting your teams together for the 2019 Winter Skeet League. Details on the league will be posted around the clubhouse, on the website (BWSA.club) and on the Facebook page. Stop by the club to shoot a few practice rounds and ask any questions you may have. I’m usually at the club on shooting days.

This year the league fee will be $45 and $20 for junior shooters under 18, same as last year. Rounds will cost $4 for members and $6 for non-members when you add rounds to your card.

For non-members, you can join the club in December for $95 ($70 for a membership until July & a $25 application fee). Single shooters are welcome. We’ll find a team for you to join. If you’re short a shooter, don’t worry, we can fill you in with someone looking for a team. And we’re always looking female shooters. So, if you have a wife, girlfriend daughter or granddaughter, bring them out. We need to give Ainsley Colman some competition this year.

Larry Sokolowski

[CLOSED] Now accepting Applications for Part-time Shotgun Cashier


Cashier during all shotgun hours.

Maintain accurate accounting for the day
Load Target System cards for shooters

Spot clean clubhouse as needed

Hours are:
Sundays 9:00 am – 4:30 pm and Thursdays 12:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Pay is hourly $10.00 per hour.
Paid training will be provided

Fill out job application and email to bluewatersportsmansassociation@gmail.com
Drop off/mail to BWSA 4866 Ravenswood Rd Kimball, MI 48074

Shotgun News – August 2018

We’re having a great summer and for the most part the weather has cooperated with us.

The ATA shoots are bringing in new and old faces. This year we hosted the Michigan Zone 4 shoot and the Central
Zone shoot again.

The Shotgun Summer Games are heating up. John Hyde has pulled out in front in the 12/20-gauge skeet and sub-gauge skeet has Paul Robbins out of no where take the lead. Jim Spiroff is leading in skeet doubles so far, but that may not last long as there are a few challengers on his tail. Buddy back up has new teams joining, so it’s anyone’s game right now. The 5-stand game has only a 2-bird difference between 1st and 2nd place right now, this is getting very interesting. In East vs West the West is winning by a landslide as East hasn’t had anyone represent them. Trap shooters you are needed to represent your team.

There is still time to come out and join our Summer games. It’s $10.00 per game plus the cost of birds. Members and guests are all welcome to come join us. The banquet will be Saturday, August 25, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

Buddy Backup