BWSA Muzzleloader League 2018

Come join the fun, get out of the house. We shoot 12 shots every other Sunday starting on January 14th, from 9:30 till the fun is done.

Don’t worry about the cold, we have a wood stove to keep us warm, along with Bob’s soup “the best he’s every made” at each shoot.

The league fee is $25 for rifle, $15 for pistol. The range fee is $3 for members, and $10 for non-members per shoot.

New this year will be knife & hawk throwing and trade gun scoring. If you have any questions, call:

Bob Roskey (810) 531-6298 or
Bob Lane (810) 434-4512

Shoot Dates and Targets

All targets will be shot at 25 yards this year.

  • January 14th
    • Rifle target 1: 6 bullseyes
    • Pistol target 1: large bullseyes
  • January 28th
    • Rifle target 2: Red coat 2 targets
    • Pistol target 2: Large Buffalo
  • February 11th
    • Rifle target 3: Buffalo
    • Pistol target 3: Large single bullseye
  • February 25th
    • Rifle target 4: Fox
    • Pistol taret 4: Standing Ground Hog
  • March 11th
    • Rifle target 5: Bird
    • Pistol target 5: Buffalo Head
  • March 25th
    • Rifle target 6: Woodchuck
    • Pistol target 6: Deer Head
  • April 8th
    • Rifle target 7: Novelty
    • Pistol target 7: Novelty
  • April 22nd
    • Rifle target 8: Crow
    • Pistol target 8: Squirrel

April 25th: Banquet time 6:30pm

Muzzleloader News

It’s a little late to join our Rifle and Pistol Leagues, but there is still time to join us for a day of shooting muzzleloaders. We will give you the same target we are shooting and you can see how well you do compared to the other shooters. You can also join us for a lunch of soup and sandwiches or whatever is on the menu that day. The shoot dates this month are March 5th and March 19th. Get out of the house and join us for a day of shooting muzzleloaders. See you out back on “Homer’s Range”, Bay # 4. Keep your powder dry and have a great day! Ron