2018 Combat Match Dates

2018 Match Dates:

  • Feb 10th Polar shoot
  • March 24th
  • April 21st
  • May 19th
  • June 16th
  • July 14th
  • July 28th Shotgun only
  • Sept 15th
  • Oct 13th
  • Nov 10th. Night match (Invite only)

Round Count:

  • 100 Bird
  • 10 Buck
  • 5 Slugs
  • Rifle 100 plus
  • Pistol 150 Plus.

2018 Winter Skeet League

The details of the 2018 Winter Skeet League have been finalized. I’ve posted the league schedule and other relevant information around the clubhouse. Also, please check out the BWSA Facebook page if you can’t get to the club. You’ll be able to view the league rules and regulations in better detail. So pass the word to your friends.

This year, we are making an effort to reach out to our young shooters. If you have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew…. between the ages of 12 – 18, why don’t you bring them out and start them out by shooting some skeet. We can have 2 youth divisions if enough kids sign up and there are a wide range of ages. League fees for youths 18 and under will be $20 plus shooting fees. We’ll work out the details when we get everyone signed in for the league.

Also, I’ve reached out to our High School Trap Teams and offered them a mini (250 bird) skeet league in order to keep their shooting skills sharp throughout the winter. They would be eligible to attend our banquet, win their own prizes and participate in banquet shooting games along with the Winter Skeet League participants. League fees for this mini league would be $20 plus shooting fees. I’ve also volunteered our skeet shooters expertise if any of them need some pointers on how to shoot skeet. So if you see some new faces on the skeet side, offer your help in getting them started. Details of this league will be worked out when I see how many want to participate.

As always, my contacts are listed below and I’m usually at the club for most shotgun shooting days. See you at the club.

Larry Sokolowski
810-841- 7136

Indoor Range Gets The Silent Treatment

The indoor range has recently been getting the silent treatment. Well, more like a bit quieter.

On December 21, 2017, a few volunteers worked late into the night to install sound proofing foam to the walls of the indoor range.  The following Wednesday, the volunteers again worked to finish the sound proofing installation by adding foam to the ceiling.

Thank you, volunteers, for all your hard work. The lower noise levels will benefit everyone, both on the indoor range, and in the clubhouse.


What is a .22 Skirmish?

Skirmish is a half hour of 5 – 10 minute relays for you to shoot offhand at paper targets to sight in.

Teams are then picked by random drawing usually 4 -5 people per team. 3 teams on the line at the same time to shoot their targets. Teams have 3 minutes to shoot their targets. The object is to get the targets down as fast as you can and call time. There are usually 5 events per day. The team with the best combined time for all 5 events is the winning team.

This is shot with single shot .22s to be like shooting a muzzleloader, but you are allowed magazine loaded .22s. However you may only load 4 rounds in the magazine, shoot those and then load 4 more in that magazine.