What is a .22 Skirmish?

Skirmish is a half hour of 5 – 10 minute relays for you to shoot offhand at paper targets to sight in.

Teams are then picked by random drawing usually 4 -5 people per team. 3 teams on the line at the same time to shoot their targets. Teams have 3 minutes to shoot their targets. The object is to get the targets down as fast as you can and call time. There are usually 5 events per day. The team with the best combined time for all 5 events is the winning team.

This is shot with single shot .22s to be like shooting a muzzleloader, but you are allowed magazine loaded .22s. However you may only load 4 rounds in the magazine, shoot those and then load 4 more in that magazine.

New! Open Shoot Nights!

You asked…We listened! Starting October 2 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm 3 Mondays a month through March 26 we will be holding open shoot nights on our indoor range. You can shoot any caliber, except magnum, pistols or .22lr rifles on our indoor range. Cost is $5 for members, $10 for nonmembers. See our monthly calendar for exact dates and contact information.

Thursday Afternoon Fun League

Every Thursday startng September 7, 2017
Shooting hours will be 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Entry fee $5

Shoot 25 targets at 16 yard line, then shoot 25 targets at your 16 yard score for handicap.

*Example if you shoot a 21, then you will shoot your second 25 targets from the 21 yard line. 18 yard line will be the closest handicap yardage.*

Shooter with the highest score of the 50 targets shot wins the pot for the day.

Ties Shoot Off

Muzzleloader News

It’s a little late to join our Rifle and Pistol Leagues, but there is still time to join us for a day of shooting muzzleloaders. We will give you the same target we are shooting and you can see how well you do compared to the other shooters. You can also join us for a lunch of soup and sandwiches or whatever is on the menu that day. The shoot dates this month are March 5th and March 19th. Get out of the house and join us for a day of shooting muzzleloaders. See you out back on “Homer’s Range”, Bay # 4. Keep your powder dry and have a great day! Ron