Online calendar changes to agenda format for easier viewing

The calendar on our website will now be in an agenda format. This will help make the calendar easier to read, especially on cell phones. We have so much happening at our club now, it wouldn’t all fit on the previous calendar format. The calendar will no longer be attached to our monthly newsletter. It was out of date usually as soon as it was printed due to adding events daily.

The Winter Skeet League Banquet was a resounding success!

We had a great turnout in spite of the cold windy weather and a good time was had by all.

The shooting games were a big success as always. Thanks to Jim Spiroff, Bob Johnson, Steve Tabacco, Karl Schuknecht and all our pullers who braved the elements all afternoon and insured our shooters enjoyed all the shooting games. The office staff of Tamara and Ed Allbaugh, and Don Morgan made sure the clubhouse and fields were all set up for us. Thanks guys.

The 4 division winning teams shot off in typical winter league weather. White Division shooters John Hyde, Zach Stone and Sean Kennedy picked a good day step up their game and take the overall league championship. John shot 25 straight. Sean had a respectable round. And Zach Stone, who broke his foot a few days earlier, shot an astounding 23 on one leg while kneeling on a rolling walker.

Individual Shooting awards were:

  • Men’s Hi Gun – Paul Robbins
  • Lady’s Hi Gun – Ainsley Coleman
  • Junior Hi Gun – Braden Ingles
  • Most Straights – Skip Hyde
  • Best Skeet League Trap Shooter – Gerald Whiting
  • Most Improved – Ryan Onafrek

The highlight of the banquet had to be the meal. This year I had it catered by Village Café of Richmond. George and Maria did a fantastic job from set up to clean up and I only heard high praise for their meal from the guys I talked to. I highly recommend them if any of you need to have an event catered. Their business cards are on the bulletin board and Tamara has a few in the office.

Stop by the club this summer guys. There’s a lot of shooting events happening this year. “Like” the Facebook page and you’ll automatically get announcements from the club. And with that, I officially close out the 2018 Winter Skeet League. Thanks to everyone who pitched in and helped me throughout the year. I had so much fun this year,  I think I’ll do it again next year. Shoot straight, shoot often and brass to the back.

Larry Sokolowski

2018 Winter Skeet League Banquet

Saturday April 28, 2018

Blue Water Sportsman Association Clubhouse

  • Shooting games start at 3:00
  • Steak dinner at 6:00
  • Trophy presentations at 7:00

Division champs can shoot their championship round any time between 3:00 and 6:00. I will do the scoring.

Awards will be presented for Overall Team Champions, Divisional Team Champions, Hi Gross Team, Hi Gun (1st, 2nd, & 3rd), Junior Hi Gun, Most Improved, and Most 25’s.

Shoot off rules are posted at at the clubhouse and on the website under the Skeet League tag and on the Blue Water Sportsman Association Facebook page.

Final scores and standings will be posted at the clubhouse, on the Facebook page and on the BWSA website by Tuesday April 24th.

Any questions, call Larry Sokolowski (810) 841-7136.

Winter Skeet League Shoot Off Rules

  • Each division winning team will shoot a registered score for the overall league championship on the same field.
  • Any absent shooters score will be their league average for 25 birds minus 2 birds.
  • Each team can pull your own birds, but a club employee or myself will have to keep score.
  • Final team score will be their individual gross scores shot on Sat. plus their final league handicap for 25 birds rounded to 2 decimal places.
  • Full handicap scores will be used for overall league champion. No maximum handicap.
  • In case of a tie for 1st place after the shoot off, we’ll go back on the score sheet to Station 8 and the team with the highest total for that station will win the tiebreaker. If the scores are equal on Station 8, we’ll go to Station 7 and so on until one teams score is highest.
  • Tie breakers for Gross Team champion will be “Most team 25’s”, then “Most team 24’s”
  • Tie breakers for Gross Individual champion will be “Most 25’s”, then “Most 24’s”
  • Tie breakers for Most Straights will be “Most 24’s”, then “Most 23’s”
  • If a team with a ghost shooter wins their division, the ghost shooter score for the shoot off will be the gross average and handicap average for their division.

Hunters Education Coming Up on May 12-13

The next Hunter’s Education class is coming up in May. Learn more about our program on the Special Training page.

Held at Blue Water Sportsman’s Association
4866 Ravenswood Rd Kimball, MI 48074

Class Dates: May 12 & May 13, 2018
9:00 am – 5:00 pm both days

Students 10 years and under must be accompanied by an adult. There is a course fee of $10 assessed to attend this class.

Eye and Ear Protection required both days.
Bring a Lunch Both Days.

Preregistration Will Be Determined At A Later Date

For Alternate Registration
Barry Priestman (810) 388-5055
Dale DeFabio (810) 531-9900