Sunday Night Small Bore Starting the first Sunday in January, a 3-Position smallbore match is held on the basement range.  The match consists of 10 shots for record from the Kneeling, Prone and Standing positions with unlimited sighters in each position.  This match is fired one round at a time on the USA 50/NRA 50 ten bull target.  These targets are scanned for scoring using the Orion Scoring System which provides feedback on shooting performance. While Juniors are welcome, they should have some experience shooting without requiring a lot of supervision. The matches run every other Sunday through March with an adjustment for Easter Sunday.  Participants should at the range for registration so they can be ready to fire at 5:00 pm. Cost is $10 per night.  A limited amount of .22 ammo is available at $10 box. Contact David at for more information.
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